Since last night/reboot my microphone input is distorted

Hello dear community,

yesterday manjaro installed around 1.5gb of updates.
After a restart everything went well as usual.

Today i started my PC and my microphone input sounds like someone is constantly scratching a analog cable.

Thie Input source is a rode nt1 usb. I use pipewire instead of pulsaudio since i need to use jack for my vfio vm.

The whole setup worked really well until yesterday :frowning:

Can someone explain to me how to fix the distortions?

with kind regards

maybe the pipewire update mentioned here is the problem? forum[dot]manjaro[dot]org/t/stable-update-2022-10-05-kernels-systemd-amdvlk-deepin-pamac-qemu-thunderbird-firefox-0-a-d-gradience-linux-firmware-wine-gnome-pipewire/123404 (sorry cant post links for some reason)

is there a way to roll back such a pipewire update?

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there is no pulsaudio on my setup and it seems like the update did not introduce new pulsaudio shenanigans