Since installing syncthing and messing with systemd I can no longer boot past the splash screen

I can get to the grub menu and kernel selector, but after that it just hangs at the splash screen forever. Is there anything I can try in the grub menu to try to resolve this?

this is waaaayyy to less information to help you with

Hi @Climb_Manj,

Quickly, I’d say you’d have to boot into a live ISO enviroment and chroot into your system where you’ll have to reinstall/reconfigure the grub boot loader. However, I might be completely wrong.

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I’m having the issue that OP is having and I was recently messing around with systemd to set up syncthing. Do you have any suggestions for me to try?

@Climb_Manj, bro(ette), dude, you ARE the Original Poster…that reply was for you.

Hahah I forgot I made that post and was googling for a solution. That’s great, thanks