Simplest setup for local-only mail server

If I want an e-mail server only I use to exchange e-mails amongst the devices in my local network only, what is the simplest solution? That is, I will the sole user of the e-mail server, and I will use it for things like e-mail notifications from background services, not actually sending/receiving e-mails to/from outside of my LAN.

You cannot easily send e-mail amongst your devices e.g. the device intended to receive the mail is not responding or is offline.

The simplest method is to use s-nail on the individial device to deliver the mail to an external mail account - which you can subscribe to on the relevant device(s).

What I wanted to ask was what the simplest and easiest e-mail server that I could install on my Manjaro PC that I use as a server. I guess that you are saying the answer to that is s-nail.

A difficult question - depending on who you ask and their level of expertise.

The question also reveals that you haven’t done much research on your own so I recommend taking a look at the definition of

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