Simple way to convert document files?

Is there any super easy way to convert files like this fantastic, great, amazing tool for Windows?



In command line you have Imagemagick for images and ffmpeg for sound and video files, they are used like that for conversions :

#ffmpeg from mp4 to mov

ffmpeg -i input.mp4

#imagemagick from jpg to png

magick input.jpg output.png

they both deal with many (if not all) formats

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Thanks for your answer!
But is there any graphical tool? What I use the most is from jpg to pdf
I am an amateur user so I always have to check lots of times until I learn how to use the Terminal. And there’s a lot to memorize.
This is the reason why is so hard linux and so easy the rest. But I still prefer Linux

Hi. Maybe this will do:

This application uses ImageMagick library and Qt GUI. You can install is from repository as converseen.


imagemagick can be used for converting images to the pdf documents, which provides a command named convert, it’s very powerful. But it’s not a GUI tool and its usage is a bit complicated, the manual of the command should be read before you use it.

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Yes! this one is amazing. Slightly different from the other one but still really really good. Thanks a lot!

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XnViewMP converts .jpg to pdf very easily


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