Silver prompt hangs bash when starting (pinebook pro)


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I just updated a Pinebook pro that had been sitting unused for a while. When I did that, silver started crashing and printing an error message about an unrecognized shell. I updated my bashrc to pick up the changes here: gitlab .manjaro .org /manjaro-arm/applications/arm-profiles/-/commit/1b55701c1ca77e886ad4688a92da75b969f78ea7 and it started just hanging instead.

Can anyone point me to what might be going wrong?

Here is my bashrc along with strace output for bash when I try to start it with the silver prompt enabled.

paste .sr .ht /~tuxpup/ae3ea34561c6febe885c0a39e75b60515613a6c4

Can anyone see what I’ve got wrong, or suggest where to look next?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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With the Silver 2.0 version as part of the ManjaroARM 21.02 release the config options have changed a bit… you also need to create the configuration in ~/.config/silver - check the one in the profile: overlays/sway/etc/skel/.config/silver/silver.toml · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab

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Thank you! I had noticed the toml in the upstream README and I’d saved it in ~/.config/silver.toml. The upstream docs didn’t say and I’m so un-used to the confy package in rust that I didn’t spot it. And I didn’t think to look elsewhere in /etc/skel.

That took care of it. Thank you, again.

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