Signer error unable to register application to system tray

Since 3 days on one of my Manjaro Gnome laptops I get the following message after logging in: “signer error unable to register application to system tray”.
After clicking the OK button the system seems to be running as usual.
I updated the system and installed the latest LTS kernel. The error messages is still there.
What extra info would you need please?

Perhaps an indicator as to what system tray application it pertains? Have you checked your logs?

Thanks Aragorn
The application that caused the error is “Signer” which is a program to read eID cards.
I remover this one and reinstalled the eid-middleware software. Everything is ok now.

Thanks again.
By the way, have been a Linux user for over 16 years now and Manjaro for 6 years. Couldn’t be more pleased I guess.



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