Signal Desktop is outdated


I am using the Signal Messenger Desktop Application.
The one in the repositories recently outdated (1.36.2), so it’s not possible to connect the desktop app to the smartphone anymore. It works with 1.36.3 (which I now have installed from AUR) and there already is a version 1.37.1

So this urgently needs an update.
Thank you!

It’s a package we get from Arch Linux. Where it’s marked Out Of Date already.


But arch has 1.36.3-1 which still is working.
In Manjaro I only get 1.36.2-1 which doesn’t work anymore.

Not entirely correct.
Manjaro Stable branch has 1.36.2.
Manjaro unstable/testing branch has 1.36.3, just like Arch does.

Ah, OK.
Does unstable branch mean switching to unstable Kernel or how is it done?

It means switching to using more up to date packages and updates come in more often. That’s all packages, including kernels.

I am asking, because I recently switched from the “default” kernel to the stable kernel using the Manjaro-Settings-kernel tool and I am wondering if this also means having older other packages.
OK, I have found this. Switching Branches - Manjaro
Well, in this case the unstable branch would have made for a more stable user experience, but probably that’s just for new connections, while existing connections continued to function.
Thank you.