Signal-desktop build steps missing for sticker-creator feature

With the current build of signal-desktop on the Manjaro mirrors build steps for the binary are missing to be able to open the sticker-creator. This results in a crash when the user tries to access the sticker creator since it’s not found.

A sugested fix could be seen here. On Arch this package is build using this PKGBUILD; PKGBUILD · sticker-creator · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / signal-desktop · GitLab

Could the Signal build please be fixed so that stickers packs can be created?

Menu location of the stiker-creator's "Create / upload sticker pack" button

Manjaro does not build or package signal-desktop. It’s a package directly taken over from Arch. :man_shrugging:

FYI, there’s already an Arch bug report open about it:

FS#80106 - [signal-desktop] missing build step results in crash when opening sticker creator

Correct, just created it since there wasn’t any report of it there yet it seemed. Kind of supprised how fast it’s been noticed here

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