Sign in by fingerprint


My laptop supports sign in to my account by fingerprints but can not find how to activate it.

My laptop is Lenovo thinlpad e14 g2

Not quite supported in Plasma or SDDM yet.

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ok got it. thanks. hope some day it will supported. I prefer kde

I have this to on my HP 430 G1, so just rest waiting for updates maybe.

You can look into these:


Fingerprint support is not completely working properly yet, and it seems logging in with only a password no longer works using this method.

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so for KDE plasma not supported it? right?

SDDM is what KDE uses. It works, to a limit per the article that I linked.

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ok got it. before i have to install fpint and add some configs as the link says.

i installed fprintd and added that config from etc/ …

after logout not works

any help be very helpfull for me please. i did above suggested steps.

I came from Windows platforms and because of this i need some help.

I did all steps above you provide link. But can’t login with it

Please do not bump your post. Bumping is against the rules of the forum. And you bumped twice now. People here are volunteers and they have a life as well, you can’t expect everyone to answer immediately. And people who don’t answer probably do not know the answer to fix your issue.

I can’t help you with your issue with SDDM. I never use fingerprints. I only could point you to a direction. You can try swapping your display manager to GDM if you want. It says here:

If you use GDM, the fingerprint-option is already available in the login menu (if not add yourself to the input group). You can skip this section!

If you don’t want to attempt to swap your display manager, you can just try using Manjaro GNOME edition instead, which uses GDM by default.


  1. Try to get it to work with SDDM as much as possible somehow
  2. Stay on Manjaro KDE, swap SDDM to GDM
  3. Swap to Manjaro GNOME, which has GDM
  4. Swap to Manjaro GNOME, which has GDM, and install KDE Plasma 5
    4a. You can skip the SDDM part in above link
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Looks interesting this is one of my problems.
I used the plasma KDE install no option for fingerprint reader shows up
and I am not sure I get the total sequence for the installation.
The other is just installing Majroo in a VM correctly .
Looked at several Ytube’s on this one required careful shutting down of the
machine and installing vbox guest iso .