Shutter Alternative on Wayland?

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As I’m now finally running a Wayland-only Manjaro environment, I’m on the lookout for an alternative to Shutter. I really love Shutter, but the only version I found that supposedly runs on Wayland is this one: GitHub - Shutter on Wayland. However, the last update was quite some time ago, and since it’s a .deb file, I’m unsure about its compatibility with our beloved Arch-Manjaro distribution.


  1. Converting and ensuring dependencies can be tricky. Has anyone tried this or found a reliable method to get Shutter working on Wayland with Manjaro?

  2. Alternatively, any recommendations for Wayland-compatible Arch screenshot tools would be greatly appreciated.

spectacle is the Plasma-native screenshot tool, and it works. :man_shrugging:


Flameshot is also very nice, don’t know if it works with wayland.

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I use Plasma, Wayland and Flameshot, and…


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Thanks for your input guys :slight_smile: - I’ll check it out.


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