Shutdown by power button when logged out / screen locked

how can I shut down by pressing the power button, when nobody is logged in or the screen is locked?

BR Oliver.

I have forgotten how Gnome works - but I think in power settings you can control what happens when the power button is pressed.

If the screen is locked - it is assumed that someone is working and shutting down could cause dataloss.


I configured the behaviour of the power switch in the Gnome energy settings already. But it has no effect on lock screen or when logged off.

But this here works:

  • As a root create a file named /etc/acpi/events/power with contents like this:
action=shutdown -h now
  • Then run sudo systemctl restart acpid
  • done

Would like to post the source of this tip, but getting always error 422 after inserting the url.

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