Showing Workspaces in Xmobar

Hi there !!

I using kde and xmonad at the same time via logout method…

I am not used to with the xmonad and am in learning phase… I want to show up the workspaces in my xmobar panel… I have followed throught official documentation of haskell regarding this but simply placing

main = xmonad $ def {
   logHook = dynamicLog

in my xmonad.hs does not work…
I tried hard understanding the documentation but couldn’t much because I don’t know Haskell programming language like most out there

I then went in look on reddit or stack exchange for the solution but simply copying and pasting things didn’t work…

Can someone help me show up workspaces in my xmobar and help me understand the way of solution
Here is my Xmonad.hs config
Here is my Xmobar.hs config file

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile: