Show/hide Gnome Overview (Super key) with terminal command (for Gestures)?

I am setting up Gestures and would like to be able to show/hide the Gnome Overview that we get pressing the Super key but need to know the terminal commands that do this.

In zsh entering gnome- then Tab shows a list of command, none of which seem like the right one. Any help would be appreciated!

By default swiping up with three fingers opens the overview, is that not working?

Either way, an easy method is with xdotool (Xorg) or maybe ydotool (Wayland):

xdotool key super

There used to be a dbus-send command that worked, but it doesn’t anymore.

Oh yeah, I see that three finger swipe down opens the overview here, I didn’t try that. :smiley: That’s fantastic and the xdotool tip worked too, thanks very much!

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