Should '/usr/local/share/man' link to '/usr/local/man'?

I try to install chez-scheme from aur. And I change the installation from ‘/usr’ to ‘/usr/local’. But I fail install this package, because of the ‘/usr/local/share/man’ exists in filesystem (owned by filesystem).
When I checked this directory, I found it linked to ‘/usr/local/man’. But I found other distribution didn’t do it as Manjaro.
So should ‘/usr/local/share/man’ link to ‘/usr/local/man’ ?


The standards for creating packages on Arch based distributions are outlined on the Arch wiki.

Why are you doing that? Software installed by way of the package manager must always be installed under /usr ─ in some cases it goes under /opt, but that’s actually not the correct place. /usr/local is intended for software that is locally compiled from sources outside of the scope of the package manager, i.e. by manually unpacking the tarball and running make.