Should intellij-idea-community-edition have java11-openjfx as dependency for global menu?

I installed intellij today from the manjaro repos, and the global menu didnt work in the beginning.

after searching a bit, i found the support site from jetbrains that recommended that if it doesnt work, you should install a plugin in the IDE for javafx support. after that, the menu worked as intended.

i tried out pycharm, which as an additional depencency for java11-openjfx, and the global menu worked straight away, without needing to install additional plugins. i tested and went back to intellij, and uninstalled the javafx plugin, and it seems to work without issue now

(DE is plasma)

Just for your information ─ because not many people are aware of this ─ there is a bug in either the Plasma global menu applet itself, or in the framework that supports a global menu in Plasma for GTK-based applications.

As a result, when you open up a GTK-based application that supports a global menu, it often happens that the GTK application’s menu is not shown until you’ve first switched over to a Qt/KDE application and then back to the GTK application again.

This bug was introduced in Plasma 5.18 and it’s still around in 5.21.x. I suspect that what you ran into was this very same bug. :thinking:

i did try to switch between different applications, that had a global menu, to see if it just isnt showing up for some reason, but it only started to show up properly once i installed the javafx plugin/openjfx package

Well, I can only say that I don’t have that package installed and I’ve been using a global menu for years already ─ since KDE 2.x actually. :man_shrugging: