Should i take care of /root/.zshrc pacnew file?

i usually type pacdiff -o and deal with what’s there.
today i ran sudo DIFFPROG=diff pacdiff and got “pacnew file found for /root/.zshrc”.
i think it’s in the locked root folder.

Do you use ZSH? anyway as every .pacnew file, you should look at the difference in the new default configuration file, and merge or not depending on the difference. I would say just overwrite with the new config if you don’t use it currently, and look at it with pacdiff and merge what you want if you’re using it.

PS: meld is better to use with pacdiff as it gives you a nice GUI easier to see the difference, to me.

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i use zsh and also use meld.
i wasn’t sure about this Pacnew file because of it’s location and this discussion:

i guess I’ll take a look and see what are the differences.