Should I install these updates from discover or are they potentially unstable?

I’m only a few weeks into using Manjaro and this is my first time using an Arch based or rolling release distro. I’ve also only used Linux in general for the last year or less so I still feel quite noobish in some ways. Before I changed to Manjaro, I heard heaps of recommendations to not update everything every time there’s a new update for something since Manjaro’s rolling release structure means many unstable updates can be downloaded and cause issues with the computer. I only want to install stable updates that I know are highly unlikely cause issues. So on the Discover app, (which I may be wrong but I think I remember discover didn’t come with the distro and I installed it myself) I notice next to each update there is usually a little “(Stable)” in brackets. What I want to know is should I install the ones that don’t say stable? or are they unstable and should be ignored?, and if the latter is true than is there a way I can make Discover stop recommending unstable updates to me, so that I can focus on stable updates instead? Thanks.

I tried uploading a screenshot but when I try create the post I get the message “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.” Is this because I’m new?

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The software updater only installs packages from the stable repositories so all you see are stable updates. Unless you switched explicitly to testing or unstable.

Use pamac to update your system and all will be well. As for when to update, that is a personal preference. However, falling behind more then a month seems to long to me.

For a more detailed answer there is this excellent thread:

Since you are new you cannot yet upload images, but the forum users prefer text anyway.


If you fear updates a rolling release might not be the best match.
But to insulate yourself there are some basic precautions:
Subscribe / read the the #announcements:stable-updates , install the matray program so you are notified.

The update announcements are threads where users share their experience and where common solutions for issues are shared.

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When using the stable branch – which is the default – updates usually come by big batches. Those are announced in a new thread, in which users may share issues and solutions.
Sometimes small updates come in without being announced. Those are usually security updates, and they hardly pose a threat to the stability of the system.

Be sure to install Timeshift and a companion script which runs Timeshift automatically before every update.

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Such as timeshift-autosnap-manjaro.


Yes. That’s it!

Thanks for the help and suggestions guys, my question was answered. I just wanted the peace of mind that I’m not downloading unstable updates.


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