Should i install the AMDGPU-Pro or open source driver? or should i stay on the video-linux driver?

I’ve installed Manjaro on my new system, I have an AMD Radeon RX 6750XT. I used the boot option with proprietary drivers option. But open source video-linux drivers were installed. This is isn’t a problem, but I would like to know which drivers offer better performance. And if the other drivers are better how can i install them?

For normal usage, there is no real difference in performance between the proprietary drivers and the free drivers when it comes to AMD graphics hardware. Just use whichever one works best for you. :wink:

I got an RX580 gpu. Manjaro uses the open-source driver, i have no option from mhwd to install amdgpu-pro driver.
Performance on gaming is unreasonably awfull actually, very worse than my old nvidia gpu.
I looked for a way to install closed amdgpu-pro driver, found this: AMDGPU PRO - ArchWiki but amdgpu-pro-installer package doesn’t exist. I installed the amdgpu-pro-oglp, vulkan-amdgpu-pro, and lib32 packages, but manjaro still uses open driver.
However, amdvlk package from manjaro repos, is not installed at all.
Any solution to this please?

sudo pacman -Syu mhwd-amdgpu
sudo mhwd-amdgpu

And if you’re brave… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S amdgpu-experimental

mhwd-amdgpu is already installed. but mhwd-amdgpu doesn’t exist if i run it.

I used the solution here: Vulkan & video acceleration broken after update - #6 by deedee
still using the open driver, but gaming performance is now fine.

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