Should I boot with open source drivers or proprietary drivers?

I want to install on Linux Manjaro KDE Plasma on my PC. I have i3 11th gen CPU and Nvidia MX110 graphics card and I saw somewhere I should boot with proprietary drivers, but I decided I should ask here too just be sure. I hope you can help me! Thanks!

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The choice of whether to use the free or proprietary drivers actually boils down to how you intend to use the machine.

If you’re into gaming or CAD, then you’ll be far better off with the proprietary drivers, but if you don’t have those requirements, then you might as well use the free drivers. For most general-purpose use, they work well enough, and they don’t cause any problems when the kernel gets updated, because the free driver is in the kernel already. :wink:


@Aragorn very Good Advice

@Kelly go with
better off with the proprietary drivers,```

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