Should AppArmor removed from Grub?

grub.pacnew showed no longer AppArmor

Should i really removed apparmor=1 security=apparmor in grub?

I watched a little tutorial and there someone told me that its may could lead to problems with Wayland, but i dont use Wayland actually.

Is this the reason why the grub.pacnew file no longer has this entrys?

As far as I can see this has been changed more than a year ago already, I have not heart of any issues linked to this so far, so for most of the users I think it’s not relevant to have it set.


This is a dependency for snapd, that is also a dependency for manjaro-iso-tools-git. Have you installed/enabled snap-support, or manjaro -iso-tools-git ?

No i never had installed or enabled any of this.

It’s highly recommended to use apparmor in combination with snaps, but it’s not a hard dependency:

I personally have never installed any snaps, IMHO priority should be to look for applications in this order:

  1. repos
  2. AUR
  3. Flatpak
  4. Snap

I prefer this order:

  • Repos
  • Flatpak
  • AUR
  • Snap

Why u prefer AUR before Flatpak?

One disadvantage is the risk that several package versions remain on the computer in partially unmaintained versions but this issue can be addressed by encapsulation in a Sandbox and restricting the access to system resources. Furthermore, there is the potential issue that flatpaks could be enriched with addware and spyware in the future, since only the respective provider has control over the binary package. Massive criticism of flatpak is presented on

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And its still preferable to SNAP :sweat_smile:
Appimage is missing from the list … but perhaps thats just because it didnt make the running?

… for example because AppImages do not even have an update functionality out of the box.

There are still more risky sources:

But I think now we should stop posting what could be seen as bad advice. :innocent:

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