Shotwell: no more importing photos from SD card or other source

For a while now it is not possible to import Photos into Shotwell. Even though the inserted SD-card is accessible in Files, Shotwell will simply state:

" The camera seems to be empty. No Photos/Video’s found to import."

Thought I would mention it here. Shotwell is the the tool of choice when it comes to managing my vast photo collection.

This problem can be found mentioned elsewhere, but there does not seem to be a lot of activity to resolve it.

It has already been reported upstream:

There is already a fix. It will hopefully be available soon:


Seems like it was fixed a month ago. Should arrive on our desktops pretty soon :wink:

Still getting the broken version when updating, 2 months after it was released. I downgraded and found that the previous version is working fine. Would it not be better to block version 2:0.30.12-1 until a version without this flaw is released?