Shotcut scrolling doesn't work after last update

Hey all, I’m running into a weird hiccup here. (Cinnamon edition)

After the update and reboot, I am not able to scroll forwards and backwards in the timeline of the Shotcut video editor.

Per the docs:

Mouse Wheel

Timeline and Keyframes

  • scroll horizontally*

I am used to this with muscle memory, so I know that it used to work. However, when I position my mouse on the timeline, I cannot scroll. I checked with firefox and other GUIs, and scroll works perfectly fine there. However, inside of shotcut, there is no way for me to get it recognized as a horizontal scroll. It will scroll up and down, but not left and right.

I also installed the flatpak version of shotcut, but that did not fix the issue either. I also checked various mice (bluetooth vs USB wired), and they all had the same behaviors.

I know this is a shot in the dark because this is so weird, but does anyone have somewhere that I can start debugging this?

EDIT: FWIW I am able to reproduce this on my X1Carbon thinkpad. Using the trackpad, I can scroll horizontally, but using a mouse, I am unable to.

Shotcut user here, I noticed this as well. Some experimentation and I figured out that you now need to hold down the Windows key to make the mouse wheel scroll the timeline forwards & backwards.


Hey Wade,

That worked for me.

Additionally, since I one of my keyboards is an ergodox, I found that if I set one of the keys in firmware to send the same signal as the MacOS “Command” key (see here) it accomplishes the same thing; e.g. allows me to scroll horizontally while holding it down.

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