Shortcuts (for vscode) stopped working since latest updates

I’ve no idea whats happened here, i have meta+v as a shortcut to open visual studio code. Configured in Settings → Shortcuts


I’ve tried removing the shortcut and re-adding it, reinstalling vscode… Any other suggestions?

I rely on this shortcut a LOT, probably 100’s times a day so not having it is becoming quite irritating.

For reference all of my other shortcuts, even custom ones are working as expected. Which suggests this maybe an issue with vscode? I don’t see how manjaro wouldn’t be able to open it via a shortcut though?

Conflict with system - I don’t think it’s a new shortcut - Metav is clipboard - the Klipper tool.

So it may as well be a coincidence it has stopped working but that is just a guess as I have no idea.

Good point but i have tried removing the shortcut and re-adding it (which prompt to overwrite if it already exists, which i did iiirc)