Shortcut to switch virtual desktops

Hi, on my fresh installed Manjaro, I would like to switch between virtual desktops with CTRL+ALT+right arrow and CTRL+ALT+left arrow. I was looking at the settings, but I have no idea how to add the shortcuts to switch between virtual desktops.


How can I do this?!

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System Settings → Workspace → Shortcuts

Scroll through the list on the left under “System Services” until you find “KWin”. Click on that, and then scroll down in the list on the right until you see… :arrow_down:

  • Switch one desktop to the left
  • Switch one desktop to the right

… and a little farther down… :arrow_down:

  • Switch to next desktop
  • Switch to previous desktop

When you click one of those items, you will see a button appear, labeled + Add Custom Shortcut. Click that, and then you can add a shortcut by actually pressing the keys you intend to use for that function.


Thank you very much for this. I was looking all over the different settings, but didn’t thought to look at kwin…


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