Shortcut Key to Shutdown, Restart, Log Out, Suspend

Provide Manjaro with a default Shortcut Key combination.
Using a keyboard shortcut to change system state is highly convenient.

Windows provides this via


U + U - Shutdown
U + R - Restart
U + I - Sign Out

Code it, avoiding already existing shortcuts.
Perhaps it gets included as an option. :wink:


Each DE (Desktop Environment) or WM (Window Manager) has their own default keyboard shortcuts. Manjaro does not modify much of anything in that regard.You’re barking up the wrong tree. You didn’t even specify which you’re using, so this topic is already going nowhere…

Having said that, users are free to customize whatever they wish. It seems you’ve already done so. Problem solved. :wink:


For xfce, you can see the actual commands if you rightclick the start button and go to customize items. Then you can assign shortcuts in the other preferences.
Personally i think such shortcuts will do more harm.