Shortcut for screenshot not working

Hi, i just updated yesterday and then one of the shortcuts i use the most (crtl + shift + PrtSc, that captures an rectangular section of the screen and then save it in the clipboard, so you then can crtl + v to paste) seems not working.
Anyone have any idea where is the problem?

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It might be easier for us to help if you let us know which Desktop Environment you are using, and which program you use to take the screenshot (flameshot etc)…maybe even give us the ouput of inxi -Fxz

You can try running the screenshot program (for example flameshot) in the terminal to see if there are any errors…

Well, i just figured it out.
I’m using KDE plasma, and the program is Spectacle (i think is the default installed?). I just change the preferences and now it works how i would like to be.
Thanks a lot.
PDE: is there another programs beter than Spectacle for ScreenShots?

I personally prefer flameshot…try it out, you might like it better, or go back to using Spectacle…

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Alright i’ll try it. Thank you for so fast reply xD

Absolutely! KDE/Plasma comes with Spectacle, but I so much prefer flameshot – it is not as obviously intuitive with things like right-click to change colour of the highlighter and such; however, it has a highlighter, and boxes and drawing tools and such :man_shrugging:

Hi, @pano.
Try to press PrintScreen key real quick. I’m using cinnamon, and if I press PrintScreen too long, it will cancel area screenshot as it thinks that PrintScreen was pressed several times. Works both for Shift+Ctrl+PrintScreen and Ctrl+PrintScreen.