Shortcut for Printscreen -> Select a region

Dear Manjaro community,
Am coming from Macintosh, where it is handy to use shortcut CMD+Shift+4 for creating a screenshot of selected region. Happy to see print screen option on Manjaro, especially select a region option! I wonder, is it possible to create a shortcut for this task? Quite useful for measuring :slight_smile:

You have not provided any system information. That being said, in xfce you can create keyboard shortcuts via Settings-Keyboard-Application Shortcuts. Add and define as you like.

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I’m not familiar with XFCE in particular, but most of the time, using the PrtSc key in combination with one of the usual modifier keys will give you different types of screenshots, such as a selectable region, or only the window that the cursor is on.

Try them all out. :wink:


Spot on! Shift+PrtSc it is! Thanks a lot!

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Package xfce4-screenshooter should be mapped to PrtScr button by default


i would recommend installing flameshot . It is powerful tool for screenshots.
and assign a shortcut to

flameshot gui

is already there

xfce4-screenshooter -r

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