Shiboken2 and Pyside2 libraries broken in Stable update

A recent update to Manjaro Stable on March 14 has broken the Shiboken2 and Pyside2 libraries. Shiboken2 is still at version 5.15.2 but Pyside2 is now at 5.15.3, and this mismatch causes downstream breakage for FreeCAD as seen here Freecad Doesn't start by a symbol lookup error - FreeCAD Forum and here Build error about setDestroyQApplication - FreeCAD Forum.

How to fix library mismatch?

Crosslink: [Stable Update] 2022-03-14 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Kodi, Qt5, Mozilla, NetworkManager, Pipewire - #89 by haha


Both testing and stable have version 5.15.3-1 so you can either switch to testing branch or wait till that version hits stable.


Manjaro - Branch Compare

Switching Branches - Manjaro

See here


Works great for me. Freecad launch whitout any complain anymore. Thank you for your help

Thanks a lot. Your tip is also solving the running of ms-office-online (aur) package which uses Jade-application-kit from stable branch and has the pyside2-5 dependency and does not make Ms-office-online running… Cool beans

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