Shell problem when switching Xorg and Wayland

Hello, I wanted to try Gnome with Xorg today (to share my screen during a video conference).
When I wanted to come back to Gnome with Wayland (in the choice of Gnome sessions at the connection I can choose between Gnome, classic Gnome and Gnome with Xorg).
But the display is not the same, and in gnome-tweak-tool, for the shell I have an error.
I’m sorry I can’t include screenshot nor link in my message. But I’ve got a little warning symbol just next to the word shell in the gnome-tweak-tool application, in the appearance section, just under icons, and above sound. And I can’t select any shell, the drop-down menu is grayed out and nothing happens when I click on it.

How to solve this ? I don’t understand well where the problem comes from.

I have GNOME 40.0.0, Manjaro 21.0.2

Update, I tried an update, and I get this message :
gnome-initial-setup: local (40.0-1) is newer than community (3.38.4-2)

Can it be the cause of my problem ? If so, how could I solve this ?

→ I re installed the gnome-initial-setup package and went back to the 3.38 version, I restardet my computer but it didn’t change anaything.

Switching branches will produce this message - noting to worry about.

If you want to roll back something you are in more trouble.

The difference between Wayland and Xorg is not minor diffs - but major diffs.

You will have to decide which version to depend upon and the choice is pest or cholera - both is equally unpleasant - joke passed.

Ok, I just click on the little wheel down-right on the login panel. I didn’t think it would be so much trouble.
I can’t activate any gnome-shell extension for example now. All my tray icons on the top bar have disappeard (I can see my wi-fi logo for example but not my mullvad-vpn tray icon).

How could I fix it ? Is there a way to re-install all my gnome-shell ? Or would it be worse ? Or if it would be better, how to do so ?

Ok, I launched the layouts progam, I switched it to an other (just to try) and went back to manjaro, and it works just fine now.

But, the package gnome-initial-setup is now 3.38.4-2, and not 40.0-1, i didn’t really downgraded it, I just re-installed it, I hope it won’t cause any problem ^^’

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