Shell command to change the screen resolution

After connecting an old monitor with a laptop (Manjaro Plasma) the resolution changed into very low, it means one word per row. Is there any shell command to change it?

XRANDR is likely what you need. xorg-xrandr is available in the extra repository.

sudo pacman -S xorg-xrandr
xrandr --help

I hope this helps. Cheers.

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My question was for a friend who I installed Manjaro Plasma 2 years ago.
Today we tried it out with other monitors to restore it to its old state.
Thanks for the tip. There’s just a lot of new things to understand that’s overwhelming for me.
If I would use a Live OS, is there a config file with understandable text entries for the resolution?

Manjaro, as you probably know, is a rolling release; being that it’s based on Arch Linux; and is close to being on the bleeding edge that many speak of. Manjaro is a great OS, but it’s not easy to learn or maintain, and especially not so for someone who needs the upgrade cycle to happen a little slower.

I’d recommend using a point release distribution; one that needs updating on a scheduled (6 monthly, or yearly) basis rather than a rolling release. Most distributions are available with a familiar Display Environment (DE), and with longer periods between updates, more time is available to understand what is needed.

A single config file for resolution: Every distribution; every DE has its own methods for handling this, which may (or may not) be in a single file. Regardless, xrandr is generally the tool of choice, especially for older Nvidia cards. Someone else might have a suggestion or two. Cheers.