Sharing with Windows

My wife has a shiny new Vivobook with Windows 10 and we installed iTunes.
So now I want to be able to share the music…
So I went to my own Music folder, right click and sharewith other computers on the local network, allow guests - read only.

Samba Status shows an exported share for Music /mnt/T3/Music; but underneath ‘Mounted Shares’ is still empty.
I see a ‘share’ icon on the Music folder - but I cannot see this from the Windows PC logged into the same Wifi Network. I’m sure this ‘just worked’ with Mint last year.

So next, in the Windows computer - made a shared Music folder and share it as \VIVOBOOK\MusicAsus

Yet in Network in Dolphin, I see neither of these under ‘Network’.

From the Vivobook I see my TV, but nothing from my Linux box.

Any ideas? I need to be able to copy/move between the Windows and Linux box - and USB is way too slow and cumbersome.

Update - now it has magically appeared, but when I enter I get an Authentication Diaologue for vivobook.local - but I set no password, and it won’t allow anonymous guest login either

But still Windows doesn’t see Manjaro’s shared folders…