Sharing audio with bluetooth earphones

Hallo everone!
I was wondering whether I can share audio to two BT earphones and, in that case, how?

Thank you!

If you can connect both at the same time, then it should be possible. After both are connected, install and open paprefs and go to the “Simultaneous Output” tab and check the box, then change the sound output in the system settings.

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Thank You.
First earphones connects without issues.
Second earphones connects and disconnects soon after.
Is this a known limit? Are there workarounds?
Otherwise, prepfs install and config worked out of the box: all output devices suddently began playing, exceptuated one of the two BT earphones.

Question: how do I selectively mute the laptop builtin audio?
Answer: manual muting via alsamixer.

Note: there is an audible delay of about some milliseconds among the outputs

I’m not sure why it disconnects, maybe you could start bluetoothctl or journalctl -f and see if that prints anything when the device disconnects.

Open `pavucontrol˙ and open the “Output (playback?) devices” tab.

I guess that’s expected to a certain degree.

Going to check.
I usually have connection issues with BT earphones among different PCs.
More or less I think it is a BT chip quality matter, or poor BT earphone quality (my fault); unsure about that.
My question being whether a BT chip usually supports two Ep at the same time.

EDIT: both earphones are now registered and stable.
sound comes out from the first connected ep only.
in sound settings menu is only one ep to see.
simultaneous output selected.