Sharing a data Drive between Windows and Manjaro ? Is this possible?

Afternoon all - you all might think this is a bit mad - but it seems perfectly logical to me … :slight_smile:

I have a PC that I’ve built with 6 Hardswitched drives.

3 of those drives are system drives - 1TB SSD with Manjaro. 250Gb SSD Windows 10 and a 500Gb spinning disk for Distro Hopping (currently Ubuntu).
It’s really easy for me to boot into any of those systems, and they all work well.
The windows disk is v low on space - so I have a separate 500Gb data disk for it.

Is it possible to also write to that disk from Manjaro ?
I’ve tried mounting it and I can read but not write to it - although the permissions all say I can.
(Oh yeah - and I still want to be able to write to it from the Windows disk as well).

Is that possible - or is it sacrosanct that files from different sources cannot live on a single drive.
(For example a Photoshop image JPEG from Windows, and a Gimp Image JPEG from Manjaro)

you’re probably shaking your head saying “Why … ? ? ?”

thanks !


Yes it is possible.

Remember though - do not use Windows hibernation or Windows Fastboot - always ensure a clean shutdown when using Windows.

Otherwise you will not be able to write to the disk(s).

Like all every other LInux - Manjaro can read and write NTFS (without the permission thingy).



That was it - Clean shutdown !

Went back to my Windows System, booted. Accessed the data disk. Then shutdown windows. Booted into Manjaro and can now read/write to the shared disk.

that was surprisingly easy !

Thankyou !


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