Share Steam Library folder between user accounts


I have an ssd on which I have a steam library folder. I now want to share this steam lib folder between two user accounts so that I do not need to duplicate game files. The ssd is mounted as /ssd and the steam lib folder is /ssd/steamlib.

The goal is that either user is able to:

  • Play games from this folder.
  • Update, install and uninstall games to this folder (even if the other user originally installed them).

I initially followed this guide, which almost worked. I was able to play the games from either user account, but I ran into issues were updating games was broken due to file permissions (I assume that Steam’s newly added files didn’t inherit the proper file permissions, but I’m not sure about this).

I now have a steam group to which both users belong. How do I properly set file / folder permissions to resolve this?

I guess it could be chgrp -R steamgroup /ssd/steamlib.
There could be a caveat about newly created files.

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