.sh file isn't running


So I downloaded the latest version of XDM (Xtreme Download Manager) for Manjaro and extracted the file to a folder to desktop.

The executable file is install.sh

So I used cd to get to my directory
Went sudo
Then used . install.sh to run the setup and then got the following error:

-bash: .: install.sh: cannot execute binary file

I decided maybe the file doesn’t have executable permission, so I used:

chmod +x install.sh

It didn’t work.

So I decided to make sure the file isn’t 32-bit (Because I use a 64-bit Manjaro)
So I typed:

file install.sh

And the result was:

install.sh: Bourne-Again shell script executable (binary data)

It doesn’t show it being a 32/64 bit setup (probably because it’s a sh file)

But is it me making a mistake or the file isn’t compatible (the download didn’t show any separate download links for 64-bit or 32-bit)?

Thank you in advance

Xtreme Download Manager is in the AUR as xdman ,you don’t need anything of this,you just run

pamac build xdman

(Or use the Add/remove software GUI)vand you install Xtreme Download Manager easily :slight_smile:

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As @XRaTiX says, the package is in the AUR, so you needn’t bother with what you are doing. However ─ just for the record and for educational purposes ─ just because a file has execute permission for you doesn’t mean you can execute it by simply typing its name at the command prompt.

Unlike in Microsoft Windows ─ which still carries an awkward amount of legacy from MS-DOS and CP/M ─ the current working directory is not in the $PATH by default, and shouldn’t be. Therefore, if you want to execute a file that’s not in one of the directories of the $PATH, then you must prepend the filename with either an absolute or relative path to the file. A few examples follow… :arrow_down:

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So, even using cd isn’t gonna allow for an execution?

Because I used cd to get to that directory.

And I did use ./ too before, but it told me it’s a directory (which I thought maybe is a command to run everything in a directory)

btw, Thanks for your reply

That is correct.

There might have been a space between the slash and the filename. :wink:

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There actually was.

Thanks a lot for helping.

I’ll just wait for the package to download, then if I didn’t encounter any issue regarding the installation, I’ll just choose @XRaTiX’s answer as the solution

It’s better to go with that solution, because then at least the software will be well integrated with the underlying system. :wink:

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Correct, I was actually searching for a way to downloading it using the terminal, which I didn’t find by searching

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