Severe booting problems with Manjaro 21.0.2

Hi, I am new to this forum but not that new to Manjaro. I am happily using Manjaro Gnome for about a year, since the arrival of bits of Gnome 40 I am facing various unexpected and weird behaviors of my system. The most annoying one is the fact that often the system is not rebooting properly.

What actually happens: When I reboot the system, the splash screen with the devices’ brand and the Manjaro logo is shown, a little later only the devices’ brand and then the device seems to be in a boot loop without arriving at the point where I can enter username and password.
After waiting for some time I force rebooting (Ctrl+Alt-Del), sometimes it helps for correctly booting right away, sometimes I need several attempts. Last night i tried it about 20 times without success, this morning then the system booted correctly on first try.
I experienced this after updating to the current 21.0.2. In the meanwhile, i did 2 complete reinstalls of the system facing the same difficulties.
I was not able to observe anything similar with other distros (Manjaro 33, Ubuntu 20.10, Elementary) that I tried in the past days.
My device: Lenovo t470s, 16GB RAM.
this behavior appear for sure with Manjaro 21.0.2, I do not recall if it appeared already with 21.0.1 or 21.0.

This current misbehavior combined with another one (random system freeze when pressing the super key) is harming to use the device in a proper manner as I never know if I can still use my device in a minute.

@ralxx I had the similar problem with 21.0.2 update and solved it the same way as you - by re-installing the system. Reason of the phenomena remained unclear to me. After this I started to make Timeshift snapshots in order to avoid the situation, which you described as ‘‘I never know if I can still use my device in a minute’’ and save time in recovering the system. My Timeshift snapshots are not in the boot drive, so I can boot the system with bootable USB and then copy a working Timeshift snapshot to boot drive, if required. Timeshift recommends to make snapshots on non-system disk where Timeshift creates separate folder ‘timeshit’. Please see How To Backup And Restore Linux With Timeshift - It's FOSS

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Hi @pelka thanks for the reply. Good to see that I am not alone with it. :slight_smile: I’ll follow for sure your Timeshift advice. Still, this is a workaround for the moment but not a solution for this annoying issue.

The problem is persisting after the latest updates from 28/29-4. Switching off the device does not help. What actually helps (workaround) is: to close the lid of the device once and to restart it then. Probably a small bug only easily to repair.

@ralxx Maybe your workaround helps for laptops, I do not know. My booting denial problem after update took place in a desktop PC; therefor the reason of this phenomena might be also something else.