Setup of a live USB drive

We all have from time to time need to use a Live-usb drive to fix problems with our systems, especially if we are on unstable for sure.
I have broken my unstable system a few times trying some different settings or testing some new package.
Yes having a backup is always recommended. However sometimes that is not usable if my system needs to boot to live-usb to correct something.
I have a HP Laptop that has a high resolution screen that when I boot to live-usb all the text is real small and the first thing I end up doing is changing the resolution so I can read it.
Also short of recreating a new one every so often it would be good to keep it updated by letting it run the updater .
Is there a way that any of this can be done?

Of course; just install onto the USB stick.

A note is that USB sticks tend to not have wear-leveling and have as such pretty finite usable life when running a live OS; certainly e.g. add noatime for filesystems on USB stick.

I found out that I basically asked this question a different way before and was led to do a USB to USB install to accomplish this task. However after installing to the usb it takes forever for the usb to boot up.
That is not going to work for what I want. It is possibly the usb stick I chose is the issue but I am not sure.
I will continue to investigate for a workable solution.

Please search the forum for:

persistent usb

I couldn’t get alma to work.
I have installed Ventoy and am trying that.
I have set up persistence on the usb but it doesn’t seem to work with the manjaro iso.
I am going to try some other iso and see if persistence works.
Let me know if you have any info on this.