Setup a network bridge

My config is one NIC (WIFI card) and I want it to be able to connect to my router like a normal computer rather than with NAT and to get assigned a normal IP by my router’s DHCP. I have searched hours, asked on various platforms, went on many guides, dug through a few manuals that I couldn’t understand and I got nothing. Using networkmanager btw. While my VM is using the WIFI NIC, I still want my host to be able to use the same card while no leakage of host network traffic to my guest. Any help is appreciated because I am completely lost.

edit: Couldn’t deal with this crap anymore so I got a USB NIC from a friend and passed that through for wifi. Sharing option for the same card would be helpful though because I don’t have tonnes of USB ports on this computer left.

Guest uses host hardware - so before you open your vm setup how the host should present network to the guest.

In virtualbox you simply select bridged network.

Given the nature of the host/guest relations - this is next to impossible to achieve - the closest you get is what you did - use a usb wifi device and attach it to the guest system - and this requires the guest to be able to recognize and use the device. It also requires the use of the VirtualBox extension package as there is only basic USB1.x support without it.

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