Setting up three Monitors

Hi all,
I’m a freshly linux-converted, fleeing from win10 in hopes of finding a new home in manjaro. Going great so far, I like it! Gaming on linux seems to have matured enough, for me at least.
Found a bigger stumbling stone recently, though:

I have three monitors, two in front of me (2x displayport) and a TV (hdmi) to watch films and my boyfriend likes to watch me play games on it and that’s the problem: I can’t figure out how to duplicate one monitor to the TV and leave the other monitor individually as it is. I can get the output identically on all three in the display settings, but that’s not what I’m searching for. I play on one monitor, browser and stuff on the other, and my TV duplicates the game, that’s how I would like to have it. I tried xrandr, it doesn’t seem to have that option either and google didn’t help so far.
Any ideas I could try apart from searching a Y adapter?
Thanks in advance for your time ^.^

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Urgh! TVs make lousy monitors unless you turn off their autoswitching / autostretching / … functionality.

That’s only possible with a hardware solution: an HDMI splitter cable: that takes input from one source and displays it on 2 targets.

Yup, that’s the one the computer can handle: all or nothing.


Oh… that was such a basic thing in windows, I thought the option was just hidden well…

Urgh! TVs make lousy monitors unless you turn off their autoswitching / autostretching / … functionality.

Never had any problems whatsoever with that. Seems to have exactly the same ratio my monitors have. Or windows handled that, but looks fine to me now, too, on manjaro. Never wasted a thought about it, never had to :smiley:

You’ve got a good TV! I’ve seen so many problems (on another forum) of TVs not displaying everything unless you go into the TV settings and turn the automagic off (OK, it was a while ago and all those were of the Cheap! :tm: Crap! :tm: Inc! :tm: brand, so things might have eveolved by now…

:wink: :grin:

P.S. HDMI splitter is 10-15€ and your PC will need to do less processing so it’ll be beneficial to both Windows and your in-game FPS…

You should be able to do that in display settings, one monitor to be mirrored to the other; managed by different profiles.