Setting up Canon PIXMA TR4550

Hello again!!! Can anyone tell me how to install this printer on manjaro??? tried to add it on settings but doesnt look like to work!!! :frowning:
So maybe it needs to install some drivers via terminal or whatever!!! Please if it is possible someone to help me let me know because i need it to work!!!
Thank you!!! :slight_smile:
P.S: The printer is connected via USB!!!

Try canon-pixma-ts5055-complete from the AUR (Arch User Repository).

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Here is some general information that may be of some help:

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Yeah!!! This one that im asking about doesnt look like to be supporting!!!
Just i have connected my old pixma mx375 and it detect it without to do anything!!!
I think for some reason older printers are more compatible!! :slight_smile:

Please see here re :Pixma TR4550:

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FYI, cnijfilter2 and cnijfilter2-bin have been in the AUR long before that post. The former seems updated, the latter not so much.