Setting up a USB Printer on RPi 4 KDE Plasma 20.08

The instructions on the wiki state to run pamac install manjaro-printer but this results in “Error: target not found: manjaro-printer”.

Any suggestions?

I suggest you install cups and then try configuring it at localhost:631

I have CUPS installed: Manage Printing (cups) 2.3.3-3
However, on KDE when launching “Manage Printing (CUPS Web Interface)” I receive:
“Could not connect to host localhost: Connection refused”.

I do not have a firewall running (other than the out-of-the-box iptables configuration).

I am unable to reach localhost:631 in the browser.

ping localhost succeeds.

curl localhost:631 -v returns:

connect to port 631 failed: Connection refused

systemctl —type=service does not contain any CUPS entries. So, I don’t think there is anything running to respond to the “localhost:631” requests. Is there something I need to do with systemd commands perhaps?

What I was missing:

sudo systemctl enable —now org.cups.cupsd.service

I was then able to use localhost:631 to configure the printer connection.


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