Setting Minimum Geometry Size like KDE?

I starting to use tile windows, but gtk app of gnome has a limit window scale, I cant scale it as small as I want, is there the same setting in gnome ?

Hi @ForteD,

AFAIK there’s not a default/easy kind of thing in KDE for this. However, I do believe it should, theoretically, be possible. Look in System SettingsWorkspaceWindow Rules, I believe you can set up something there.

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Oops. Sorry. Thought you meant for KDE. My mistake. Carry on.

Sorry, I didnt describe it clearly. In kde, it have an option to scale the window app to supper small, I want that option in gnome, but dont know if it exists.
Bcause in gnome, there is a minimum scale for an app, you cant scale it smaller than that. If I use it with tile windows, it will slightly overlap the other window, depend on how many window you are opened.

In kde, I can set the setting here:

Setting Minimum Geometry Size
Some applications like discord and KDE settings dont tile nicely as they have a minimum
size requirement. This causes the applications to overlap with other applications. To mitigate
this we can set minimum size for all windows to be 0.
1. System Setting > Window Management > Window Rules
2. Click on + Add New...
3. Set Window class to be Unimportant
4. Set Window types to Normal Window
5. Click + Add Properties...
6. Add the Minimum Size Property
7. Set the fields to Force and 0 x 0
8. Apply

Sorry. I don’t know either.

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