Setting locale to use Sunday as first day of the week

my question is exactly the opposite.
i live in germany and would like to set sunday as the first day of the week. if i change the regional time settings, the language is changed to english almost everywhere, since i use the USA settings.
i experienced the problem with gnome and kde.
why can’t I assign it differently and more easily? why is the language changing?

Your question is not the opposite, it is the same question as the OP and the marked solution should work for you also.

The key is to change the time locale only, not the language or global locales.

I describe my steps (currently KDE):
settings for digital clock
change regional settings
new window
left selection - formats
here on the right - by time - i can change the time formats of the countries.
if i use US, then, after reboot, part of the language changes.
is there another possibility?

Ok. You are right in the sense that changing the time locale changes the time related strings language also. It seems that KDE 5 doesn’t have this fine granularity option, but I found this: Using Monday as a first day of week in KDE 5 • madhead

You can do just that but for Sundays. Edit /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/plasma/calendar/MonthView.qml as root and change the line:
firstDayOfWeek: Qt.locale().firstDayOfWeek
firstDayOfWeek: 7

This does just what you want (at least in the normal clock). The only downside is that you should do the same every time that file got updated.

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for me the line is called different
property alias firstDayOfWeek: calendarBackend.firstDayOfWeek
If I change it anyway, the clock is no longer available and an error message appears

No, its a different line. Look a little bit down. Line 117 I think

With KDE anything can happen - but - editing the file /etc/locale.conf adding or modifying the variable LC_TIME should do the trick.


this was the right line. THX!!!
why is it so complicated …

if i want to use gnome, how does it work there?

Be warned - modifying files in /usr tree - will be overwritten on package update.

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The problem with that is that it also translates text strings related to date/time. In this case the only modification he wants is to change the first day of the way. Nothing more.

Yes, I have already warned him about that.

Sorry don’t know and I don’t find anything in google either (besides adjusting LC_TIME).

thanks for help and mery christmas

in my opinion it is a poor testimony that linux is not have this attitude.

No it’s not - your requirement does not follow the standard for your locale and you cannot expect such out-of-standard functionality to be an easy task or oven possible.

And please don’t say anything on other OS because Linux is not other OS.

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