Setting gnome 45.3 wallpaper via command line

Hello everyone!
I have always been used to easily set wallpaper via CLI (in dropbox, with feh and so on) simply typing a brief CLI command.
I thought it would have been easy under GNOME 45.3, too but I mistook me.

Is it not possible?
Thank You for Your help

did u try using dconf?
i believe i might be able to set it up here: /org/gnome/desktop/background/picture-uri

Care to share with the rest of the class what that might be?

Compared to what? :thinking:

The helpful volunteers here are not paid and no one wants to play 20 Questions with you. If you want help, you need to provide enough information for us to help you.

Please see:

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I didn0t want to be needless prolific: using man feh is enough to setup wallpapers under openbox et similia.
Now the point is: in GNOME is there an easy non GUI but CLI command?
Dconf didn’t work for me. I dunno why but is a fact: otherwise I would have given me satisfied with all that I can find in 'net and mans.
I usually use nemo FM but, couriously enough, I have no “Set as wallpeper” right-click option as I was used to: never mind, either.
Just a out of an attempt, I used gnome-files: it has it and works.
Nonetheless: any CLI command for it?

gsettings seems to be the way to go:

Section 3.1

also this might help:

Customize the default desktop background

… in Gnome, every deviation from defaults or via default methods (GUI) seems to get more complicated as time and development progresses - it’s only easy to use when you use it as it is … ^^

the ^^ means: that is just my opinion :grin:

It is explicitly made for being intuitive and ease of use via the GUI - almost all non essential things are not easily accessible via GUI.
Use something else if one priority for you is easy customization without the GUI tools.

and this is what I did indeed since a week:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri file:///home/thatsme/Downloads/NaturalGrandAnseBeachGrenada.jpg

but: screen flickers for a microsecond and no wallpaper is changed :frowning:

No chance even with: dconf update

Frustrations like this - perhaps caused by incomplete documentation - made me say what I said:

I abandoned Gnome for reasons like this a long time ago.

When their Wiki or guides tell you what to do - and it still does not work
use their way via the GUI or “Tweaks” (also GUI …)
or use something else …

so sad about that. Should be so easy…
Which DE did You choose then?

Xfce4 and some times other window managers like Openbox or i3
but Xfce4 is all I need.

Wallpapers are nice and all - but once a program is open - the browser mostly - I don’t see it anyway. :man_shrugging:

Ok, I solved it!
in terminal, instead of:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri “/path/GrandAnseBeachGrenada.jpg”

was simply:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri-dark “/path/GrandAnseBeachGrenada.jpg”

This was my old path: then I wished something a bit more polished and smooth,… alas! :slight_smile:

BTW, once upon a time there was a composite in openbox to render real transparency windows I liked very much to admire my wallpapers… :slight_smile:

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