Setting default browser

Hello, I have Manjaro installed on my device, I changed the default browser from system-settings → Default Applications and from system-settings -> File Associations to Google Chrome, although, when I open Jupyter notebook server or React app development server, Firefox opens and not Google Chrome. I typed from the command line xdg-settings get default-web-browser and I got Google Chrome. I looked in the file ~/.config/memeapps.list and the default browser was Google Chrome.

Can anyone help me please?

in kcmshell5 componentchooser ? (oops bad read: “changed the default browser from system-settings -> Default Applications”)

and in .bashrc or .zshrc we can have a env variable BROWSER=/usr/bin/chromium


I can’t understand what do you point to in the first line, but add the env variable did not work

sorry, it worked, my bad :grin:

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