Set zsh as default

Hi everyone.

I am using manjaro i3. I have installed zsh. I would like it to be the default every time I open the terminal, but that doesn’t happen. Can you tell me how I configure it?

You either set it in the config of the terminal app or even better follow this Command-line shell - ArchWiki (This shows you how to set a default shell for your user)

Thanks Arisa.

Running the chsh -l command to list the installed shells and the chsh -s full-path-to-shell command to set a default one worked for me.

I clarify that it was necessary to restart the computer for it to work.


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"If you now log out and log in again, you will be greeted by the other shell. "
It’s written there, restart of the whole computer shouldn’t be needed

You’re rigth.
Thank you for clearing that up!

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