Set up Wi - Fi -not working

I had to reinstall Manjaro on my laptop after hardware boot problems.
My laptop is an Asus N71J with two hard drives.
Printer and scanner work again, only the wifi refuses to work.
I get an error message wifi is turned off and I don’t see an option to turn it back on.
My wifi card is:Qualcom Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter driver:ath9k
Your help please,
Thank you and best regards

A full inxi output would be helpful here. Is there a physical button to enable/disable wifi? Have you tried different kernels? What is the output of rfkill list ? Are you dual-booting? Is the system fully updated?

In xfce, if you right click network icon in tray, is “enable wi-fi” checked? There most likely, is something similar in other DE.