Set up sound in Guest Win10 OS with Virt-Manager?

Hi there, I have recently installed a Win10 virtual machine and got it running with a GPU passthrough. I don’t know how to get sound to it, though. I’m running Manjaro 5.10.2-2-MANJARO.

I have tried all of the Sound options I have available: AC97, ICH6 and ICH9.

If more information is needed, please let me know. I’ve attempted all day yesterday to figure it out but no dice. :frowning:
Thanks for reading!

Maybe this can help:


Thank you! I have tried option one there, but while it does provide sound, it seems to also lose my main display and instead displays in the window on my host at a really low res and I think without the GPU passthrough? Option two is indeed really complicated as the author suggested. I’m unable to locate my domain with the virsh command list.

Another few sidenotes… Sometimes the keyboard that I want to passthrough doesn’t passthrough and I have to shutdown and start the VM again. As well as that, sometimes I don’t get any display whatsoever (this happened even before I tried getting audio to work).