Set keyboard repeat delay before SDDM launches

I’m used to set a faster repeat delay on my keyboard but the setting is not set in SDDM yet.

I found the command I need:

xset r rate 200 30

But I have no clue in what file to put it. Since it’s a X feature, it can’t be too soon in the boot procedure but has to be run just before SDDM launches.

The problem is that SDDM is a service so I don’t think there is something launching it specifically, but it’s just the services starting… I may be wrong.

Yes, I would like to have this repeat delay as soon as I am in SDDM so that I can erase my password quickly when I mistype it.

I found some info here: Custom resolution for SDDM / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

TLDR: put the command in the /usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xsetup file.

# Xsetup - run as root before the login dialog appears

# Set keyboard delay
xset r rate 200 30

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