Set exo-open defaults without XFCE?

OK, so not really an XFCE question, but this seemed the best place to ask.

I use Cinnamon, but have trusty Thunar installed for when Nemo bugs out. I noticed that a custom action to open a terminal doesn’t work though.

Failed to launch preferred application for category "TerminalEmulator"
Could not find fallback TerminalEmulator application.

I’ve had a look at a Xubuntu install, but couldn’t figure out where these defaults are stored. Is there any way to set them without xfce-settings?

to make it easier perhaps install xfce4-settings or xfce4-settings-manager, which should give you the graphical UI
or use the command line tool xfconf which should be already installed

… if it can’t be configured via system settings – preferences → preferred applications

Thanks! I forgot about the 4xfce4-settings not xfce-settings.

Commented out the OnlyShowIn=XFCE; in the .desktop & set the terminal.